Friday, May 2, 2014

Animal Humane Society's 40th Annual Walk for Animals!

Join us tomorrow for the Animal Humane Society's 40th Annual Walk for Animals!

You are welcome to join up with the Light Grey team (and all of our pets!) to march in this huge animal fundraiser and event! There will be thousands of animals of all shapes and sizes, from ferrets to parrots to great danes, all gathering to support the Animal Humane Society and provide for animals in need.

Walk for Animals Twinkle and Arati at the Walk for Animals

If you love pets like we do, come join us! The AHS will have great food, live music, fun booths with plenty of pet-pampering fun stuff, games for dogs, and a great walk along Theodore Worth Parkway. We will be sketching, taking photographs, and petting all of the friendly animals!

That face! Those teeth!

You can find all of the information about the Walk for Animals and all of the event details on our facebook page here. If you are unable to attend the actual event, you can still contribute to the Animal Humane Society on the Light Grey team donation page here.

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