Friday, April 4, 2014

Bi-Weekly Challenge Meet-up!

If you have been looking for a way to get involved, make new artwork, and connect with other creatives, we have new programming hosted here at Light Grey Art Lab!

Just a few weeks ago, local designers Jen Mundy and Tyler Bartel began a new project and creative crit group, Bi-Weekly Challenge! This artist meet-up is hosted every other Sunday at Light Grey Art Lab from 1-4PM. The events are free and open to all- coffee, tea, and snacks are provided. This project is not just for locals, but open to all- you can participate online, tag your work, and share it on the site!

BI-WEEKLY Here is Jen's piece for the 'Reversable' topic.

Each week, there is new prompt and discussion topic, where participants can create projects, sketches, and make solutions to these mini challenges! You can check out some of the past prompts and artworks on the Bi-Weekly Challenge website here.


The next Bi-Weekly meet-up is this Sunday, March 6th. This week's theme: SPRING! If you have been dying to get outside, sketch some flowers, or paint with pastels, now is your chance! You can check out the latest challenge here and now follow this project on the Bi-Weekly Facebook Page!

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