Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dream Arcade Artists Announced!

Dream Arcade

We are happy to announce the final artist list for this September's Dream Arcade Exhibition!

Dream Arcade
Opens September 12, 2014
Opening Reception 7 - 10pm
Featuring an arcade filled with artist created platformers.
at Light Grey Art Lab
118 E. 26th Street #101
Minneapolis MN, 55404

For more information, feel free to email us: hello@lightgreyartlab.com

Dream Arcade features a winding, twisting series of artist-illustrated platformer games tied together by an epic adventure story, and a quest to save the galaxy.
Light Grey Art Lab will be transforming into an arcade -- the walls will be lined with stations where you can step up and play the games, and get face-deep in the adventure.

More information about the opening reception & details about the release of the games online and in the Microsoft App store will be available on the Light Grey Art Lab website.

Without further ado!

Contributing artists:
Abby Boeh
Adam Hoppus
Alyssa Winans
Ansel Lies
Ashley Mackenzie
Bianca Bautista
Chris Beukes
Chris Schons
Ciaran Gaffney
Cole Ott
Colin Brown
Diana Castillo
Emory Allen
Frank Macchia
Glen Brogan
Jessica Cheng
Jorge De La Paz
Joyce Lee
Kevin Jay Stanton
Leanna Crossan
Lisa Manuzak
Matt Doering
Nic Skrade
Nicole Hamilton
Philippe Poirier
Richie Pope
Sara Talmadge
Shannon May
Tommy Sunders
Joey McCormick

Dream Arcade Development Team:
David Washington (programming)
Chris Hajny (game design & layout)
Lindsay Nohl (graphic design, additional assets, story)
Jenny Bookler (project management, editor)

Thanks again to everyone that submitted their names for the Dream Arcade show!
Can't wait for the exhibition! This show will be legendary!

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