Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Animystics- Artists and Animals with Leanna Crossan

Meet Leanna Crossan. Leanna is an illustrator from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, and a recent graduate from the Ringling College of Art and Design. Leanna has an interest in a great many things, including the Hobbit movies, Die Hard, nature, camping, hiking, traveling, illustration, fantasy art, Miyazaki, games, and more.

We are excited to exhibit Leanna's work for the Animystics Show! Below you can see her work for the gallery, her lovable pets, and more information about her artwork.

Max + Sasha
Sasha (left) and Max (right)

"Max, the dog, is a hyperactive ball of energy that hates flashlights, but loves tennis balls! Meanwhile, Sasha is a gigantic grumpy Maine Coon, who enjoys cuddling but only on her terms."

Talphen by Leanna Crossan

"Talphen is very wise, and has been known to wander into dreams or subconscious states. Most commonly, they approach those who are at a confusing time in their life, helping them see into the 'dark' and find answers."

This is a sneak peek of Leanna Crossan's work for the Animystics Exhibition. You can check out their work on the Light Grey Shop here, and you can see more of their work on their portfolio website here. All of the work for the show, all of the originals, prints, and handcrafted-works are available on the online shop, as well as on-site at Light Grey Art Lab! Proceeds will be going to local shelters, the Animal Humane Society, Feline Rescue, and Homeward Bound Dog Rescue- it's for a great cause! Proceeds from Leanna's work will go towards Feline Rescue Inc.


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