Monday, May 5, 2014

Podcast: Talking with Ellen Su & Kevin Jay Stanton

05.02.14_Talking With Ellen Su & Kevin Jay Stanton
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Talking with Ellen Su & Kevin Jay Stanton
Length: 01:09:19
Synopsis: On this week's podcast, we talk with two artists currently featured in the ongoing Animystics exhibition. First up is Ellen Su, a visual development artist, illustrator, and 3-D artist who (with the help of Kyle Moy) created an amazing short film called Spacebound, as well as working for clients such as Pixar, Framestore, Nathan Love and R/GA. Then we talk with Kevin Jay Stanton, a freelance illustrator and the creator of FEZZINE. Kevin works in many media but specializes in cut paper and has worked for a variety of clients such as Sterling Publishing, New York Times, Barnes and Noble, and many more.

Ellen Su
Ellen Su: Portfolio - Tumblr - Twitter - Spacebound - Spacebound Preview

Kevin Jay Stanton
Kevin Jay Stanton: Portfolio - Tumblr - Twitter - FEZZINE


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