Monday, September 15, 2014

SKATE OR DIE - Participating Artist List!


Congratulations to everyone that will be joining us for the October Skate or Die exhibition!
We're really excited about the enthusiasm for this one and can't wait for the show!

Thanks again to everyone that submitted links to the call for art! We saw a TON of incredible work this time -- it always makes us wish we had more space on the walls!

a macabre skateboard show

Opens Friday October 10th 7 - 10pm
Light Grey Art Lab
118 E. 26th Street #101
Minneapolis MN 55404


Scott Bakal
Terence Hannum
Daniel Fishel
Bene Rohlmann
Max Fiedler
Eric Gorvin
Bill Ferenc
Romain Mennetrier
Keith Negley
Katie Sanvick
Colin Foran
Merideth Miotke
Angela An
Jared Tuttle
Catherine Unger
Alison George
Manuel Kilger
Kyle Stecker
Stephanie Shafer
Camille Chew
Jessica Roux
Derrick Dent
Adam Tan
Miranda Meeks
David Aguado
Alexxander Dovelin
Kate O'Hara
Charlotte Gomez
Benjamin Currie
Gino Pambianchi
Bridget Underwood
Jenn Liv
Marianne Vincent
Catherine Virginia
Christopher Hegland
Lissa Treiman
Jenny Zych
Ann Macaryan
Glenn Harvey
Brandon Robertson
Alex Hagen
Drew Schmidt
Jake Giddens
Jason Norman
Hiten Damodar
Tanner Ellison
Nathan Durfee
Daney Rivera
Rachelle Boyd
Angela Rizza
Nic ter Horst
Rafa Alvarez
Schuyler Huber
Boya Sun
Alice Tse
Lindsay Nohl
Irene Alfaro
Ashley Hohnstein
Matthew Filipkowski
Janelle Fortes


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