Monday, September 15, 2014

Podcast: The Run-Up

09.15.14_The Run-Up
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The Run-Up
Length: 01:17:24
Synopsis: Dream Arcade is FINALLY HERE! On this week's podcast, Chris, Lindsay, Jenny, and Francesca are once again joined by Dream Arcade super-friend Ian Gorton. The morning after Dream Arcade's opening reception, we reflect on the final hours leading up the big reveal (spoiler alert: we didn't sleep and it was very tense). We share our pulse-pounding thoughts, our flirtations with disaster, and our eventual success! It was a whirlwind adventure and there's plenty to talk about, and we end the show with a few thoughts about what comes next - from taking a moment for a little R&R, to new projects, to possible next-steps after Dream Arcade!

Show Notes:
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