Thursday, January 29, 2015

Glitchon 2015!

This past week, we announced the 115+ artists that will be joining us for a large-scale print exhibition, BOSS RUSH, featuring some of the most epic battles, bosses, and bad guys! Each artist is taking on their favorite boss and depicting them for the exhibition, online shop, and traveling show that will be displayed at this year's Minneapolis Glitchcon!

Glitchcon is March 28th +29th, and is a weekend-long event full of workshops, lectures, panels, hands-on demonstrations, and fun events celebrating gamers, game culture, and the makers behind some of our favorite projects! Special guests include directors of Rainmaker Games, Galaxy Studios, Game Informer, Gearbox, Intropy Games and many more.

Dream Arcade Opening Reception

During the convention, Light Grey Art Lab will be hosting one of the hands-on workshops, sharing some of the behind-the-scenes assets and programming for projects such as Dream Arcade and Great Personality, and teaching attendees how to create their own platformer games using sprite animations and artwork assets.

Saturday, the the 28th, we will also be presenting the works from BOSS RUSH for a special reception and award ceremony! If you are interested in joining us for a weekend full of gaming, check out the Glitch. Tickets are currently available directly through the webpage here.

We hope to see you there!


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