Friday, January 30, 2015

Light Grey Game Night: Building

Light Grey Game Night: Building
Aaaaaand we're back! We've been busy hammering our heads against a backlog of work, nailing down our New Year's resolutions, putting together the scaffolding for a year's worth of new exhibitions, and figuring out the tools we need to get it done!

Hmmmm, for some reason all this talk is getting me excited to play some Building games! That must mean it's time for another Light Grey Game Night! That's right, mark your calendar for Thursday, February 5th from 6:30 to 9:30 PM!

As you might remember, we're attaching a theme to each night to help people narrow down what games they might want to bring (although you're still welcome to bring whatever you'd like!). This week's theme is Building games!

Construct a sprawling collection of corridors, dungeons, and living quarters in Castles of Mad King Ludwig, kowtow to the hurried demands of your constituents as the Mayor of the quirky little town of Machi Koro, and race across the Japanese landscape laying rails and building stations in Trains, among plenty of others! If you have a favorite boardgame, bring it!

So grab your friends, family or favorite stack of board games, and come play with us! RSVP via our Facebook event, and feel free to share! The more the merrier!


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