Wednesday, January 14, 2015

In for the long haul.

Welcome to your new office. Domino is right --- it isn't much.  The lighting sucks, the chair looks uncomfortable... and what is all this... stuff? You are pretty certain that the only reason they can call this an office is that there's a desk in here and a few pencils. Where's your computer? What time period is this? 1960?
Ah, such is the plight of the new person. You're going to be working VERY closely with Domino over the next couple months. You hear she knows the ins and outs... about a whole lot of things, including what's going on with personnel at the Museum. You get the feeling that nothing's much of a secret around her... Hopefully you don't share anything too private...
It's finals time where I teach and I had the opportunity to finish a quick background while my class had work-time. Progress is going good -- just working on a couple stories this weekend and trying to crank out a few more backgrounds. I'm going to be sad school is out after next week, but somewhat relieved that I'll get a bit more time to work on Idealists!


  1. Hello!

    My friends and I have been eagerly waiting for the release of the second game, but we haven't seen any news regarding Idealists since January. Sorry to be a bother, but has there been any news recently about a release date?

    1. Hey there! Sorry for not seeing this sooner! We are still working on it -- but a lot of other projects got bumped ahead of this one! I post updates every now and again on the front page of the website if you want to keep tabs on the game! Hope that helps! I need to get back to it as soon as I get back from the Iceland Residency Program! So much to do, but it'll be worth it! :) Lindsay

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