Monday, January 19, 2015

Podcast: Talking With Glitch Gaming

01.19.15_Talking With Glitch Gaming
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Talking with Glitch Gaming
Length: 01:11:27
Synopsis: Join us as we continue our series of podcasts where we talk to individuals about videogames, collaboration and community, and making things in the interactive realm. This week we speak to Evva Kraikul and Nicolaas VanMeerten, founders of Glitch Gaming, a non-profit that provides programming to promote gaming culture and game design as a creative practice. We discuss how Glitch connects students with opportunities in the gaming industry, what it takes to run high profile gaming events, and how important it is for educational institutions to recognize gaming culture as a viable candidate for funding.

Show Notes:
Glitch: Website - GlitchCon - GameCraft - Twitter - Facebook - Twitch


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